I never sleep at night, I drink too much tea and I’m incredibly sarcastic. I enjoy roller coasters and I only sleep well when it’s raining.
Hi, I'm Savanna.

The Amity Affliction - Bondi St. Blues
Credit to Servant-of-the-earth for helping.

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Suicide is an unacknowledged issue in society, I think it’s disgusting that authority’s can say it is the most preventable death yet they do close to nothing about bullying in the education system, they do close to nothing about the children being sexually, verbally, mentally and physically abused in their homes from such young ages. The word suicide gets everyone’s attention but the actions leading up to it go un noticed, things need to change, people need to treat other people with care and respect, people need to realise that everyone has a story, next time you see someone with a fake smile, or looking a little sad, smile at them or make conversation, you don’t know you could be saving someone’s life.